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Chicago Department of Transportation data shows that neighborhood greenways, traffic-calmed side-street bike routes, increase biking and decrease total crashes.

But some homeowners on Dickens Avenue have launched a fear-mongering website and flyering campaign against the proposed Dickens Avenue greenway, which would help create a low-stress connection between The 606 and the Lakefront Trail.

Come show your support for the project at the community meeting next Thursday, August 22, 6 p.m. The venue for this meeting has been changed to accommodate more people. It will be held at the Lincoln Park High School auditorium, 2001 N. Orchard Ave.

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"Before It's Too Late" -- echoes of Bernie Epton's near-miss mayoral run against Harold Washington in 1983. Bernie would have been Chicago's first Jewish mayor and first Republican since 1931.

Yes, I noticed that back in August.

FWIW: "By his own account, Epton became uncomfortable with the racially-oriented nature of his campaign because he had been an active participant in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. He would have become the city's first Jewish mayor[4] (an accomplishment that eventually was claimed by Rahm Emanuel when he was elected in 2011) and its first Republican mayor since William Hale Thompson left office in 1931."

And John, your point of linking to the Wikipedia entry AND re-posting your tweet from 9-10 months ago?? Is this furthering any understanding?? Echo, echo, echo...


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