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Felt TK3 Track Bike, XS 43cm Frame, 650c Wheels - SOLD

Hi Chainlinkers, anyone need a tiny track bike?

I'm selling a Felt Tk3 with 650c wheels, 43cm frame size. Perfect for junior riders or very small adults. (I'm 5'0).

Only used in the velodrome and inside on rollers, really good condition.

Frame is drilled for front and rear brakes, back wheel has flip flop hub, so this little guy could also be converted to a mean street machine.

Here's the specs from Felt.

$600 obo. 

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Thanks Sarah! I cross-posted to a local all-women's racer FB group. These will be in the upcoming email that goes out on Thursday too. Good luck!

 Thanks Yasmeen!

Hi Sarah,

I've been wanting to try track racing for a while, and I think between the South Side Velodrome coming back from the dead and a me-sized bike coming up for sale it's a pretty clear sign I should stop dawdling and try it. I'm sending you a message. :)

Jeremy, I actually JUST sold the felt track bike. Closing the discussion on this thread. Sorry!  



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