“Jasper is the coolest character I’ve come across in the film business”

- William Akers, author or of Your Screenplay Sucks!


The Alley Cat could use your participation!

The Story


The events of The Alley Cat take place during a single night.  Jasper, the main character, is the same character from the short film Faster! in a completely new set of circumstances.


We meet Jasper and her messenger friends during an alley cat race - an alcohol-fueled competition that is put on by bike messengers for bike messengers in alleys and deserted downtown streets in the middle of the night. The night takes a hard turn and becomes chaotic, then a meditation on the meaning of life and a spiritual journey for Jasper as she engages with the eccentrics and loners of the night during her ride to a mysterious destination.

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Hi I was wondering if filming ever got underway for this film?

Ultreya said:

Hi Agustin,

Thanks for asking! Yes, we found an investor and shot the film this July / August.  Editing will probably take 8 months or more.


Oh - also, if you're a facebook user, you can see some production stills from the film at:


I haven't created a website for the film just yet. 

Keep up the good work.

Never stop making films.


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