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A friend is looking for a good pair of bike shorts.  Ladies, what’s your favorite brand and model?

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I really, really like the Pearl Izumi Elite LTD shorts.  The fabric has a good deal of stretch to it, but it feels solid, like it won't snag.  Some of the "softer" PI fabrics feel like they'll catch on bit of bike and run.  the Elite are longer than some other shorts I've tried.  They end maybe 2.5 or 3" above my knees.  This is great because that means they don't rub on the back of my knees when I'm pedaling.  

I like sugoi, voler, isadore and eliel. Chamois preferences are really individual and depend on the kind of riding too - I'd say saddle choice is even more important if comfort is an issue.

I'm a huge fan of Rapha (and there's a local store).

Terry also works well - their clothing is sturdy and comfortable.

If she would like bibs with the ability to take them off without taking the jersey off, SheBeest is a really great option. Here's a review we did:

Thanks all! Now she needs to find a saddle! I'll let the local bike shop where she lives help there, at least for now.


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