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It's been a long time since I've traveled with the equipment necessary to deal with a sudden-airloss-event, but recently I've made a few longer late night trips with no CTA safety net so should probably get a basic kit together....  historically mini-pumps kind of sucked and it's been years since I've bought one-- just wondering if there's one very small pump out there that folks are excited about, that gets you to a decent amount of pressure (50 lbs on 2" ATB tires would be nice) without leaving you laying on the curb exhausted.

Also, not sure where my backup floor pump is so if anyone has a recommendation there it would be appreciated. I seem to have an even mix of presta and schrader valves in my life.


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I've used a Joe Blow floor pump for 5+ years and it's still going strong. I like it because it has one side for presta and the other side for schrader. No need to fiddle with anything to switch it from one valve to the other. I personally try to avoid pumps that have the nozzle that automatically adjusts to the valve type. I feel like there are more things that can fail or break in that type of pump. 

For frame pump I have a Lezyne micro drive that I'm very happy with. The nozzle screws onto the valve making it easier to not bend the it on a presta. That does however mean using tubes that are threaded. 

Any fans of the QuickerPro pump? *Not* the frame-mounted version. A few friends swear by these. They seem pretty hard to come by. Also, they used to be $20-something but have zoomed up to $60-something. Thoughts? Suggestions re where to get one? Thx.

I love my Bontrager floor pump with gauge.  It has a universal valve for both presta and schrader.  Never had an issue with neither tube.  For portable pump I have a Crank Brothers compact double action pump with gauge.  Pretty sturdy in the aluminum chassis with 2 sided valve.  Very lightweight also.

I have had my Bontrager floor pump for about four years or so and have had no problems with it either. Not sure if I could get parts/fix if anything goes wrong but hope it just keeps chugging along.

I have mine for 6 years.  I think we have ourselves a reliable product.


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