Father of Ghost Bike victim wants daughters bike removed, still there though.

Damen/Wellington- Her Dad says enough is enough and wants her name and bike removed. Tired of the reminder. What can we do? The city won't do it and no one from ATA or chainlink will do it- do we remain selfish and leave it up for our own purposes or honor the family's wishes? Most cyclists I talk to say 1 year on the street is enough time.

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Thanks, Sue, for maintaining Liza's beautiful bike. I'm another one who passes almost daily and notices the changes and appreciates the reflection pause that it gives me. I hope all the people using the park do also. It's quite a loving tribute. 

I take it that "Austin" has left the room. 

I have mixed feelings about the bike there every time I pass it (to and from work).

It makes me happy to know that she is loved and missed by amazing people but it is a shame that she is no longer with us. Keep up the good work Sue. This is the best maintained ghost bike that I have seen.

not really relevant to the thread, but her birthday was the same day as mine, and I've thought about her on our birthday for the last two years, which is as long as I've known of her bike.  I hope her family knows that people think of them, even people who don't know them.

If I wanted a ghost bike removed I'd just go out and remove it. And that would be that.

Active Transportation Alliance. This is out of their control, though.

Garth Liebhaber said:

what is ATA?

Can we close this obvious Troll's thread now? We don't need it to keep popping up.


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