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 My faithful Bluetooth speaker that traveled as many miles a I had on my bicycle and brought me much joy met a difficult end this morning when it fell off of my bike in an intersection and got run over by a minivan. I had pulled over and given the driver the universal "hang on. Hold up a moment" sign. The driver looked right at me but it must not have registered because he slowly pulled through his left turn and destroyed Old Bluey. The driver hesitated when he felt the crunch and then moved on. The guy in the car behind him looked at me with a shocked look, pointed at the car in front of us and mouthed "Oh my God". The last music Bluey ever played for me was Piano Trio in B Flat by Mozart.

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A sadness envelops... may you find another Blue Toof speaker to give you musical joy.

That's really sad, but it sounds like Old Bluey had a great run and didn't suffer at the end -- no cutting in and out, no crackling, no shortened battery life....  Also, it's amazing what they're doing with portable Bluetooth speakers these days.  After a proper mourning period, you'll love again.

Eh, that'll buff right out. /s


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