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As the astronomical wheel that rolls and twists us into Fall finishes another crank of the cosmological cadence, the foilage is starting to get colorful! I figure we are between 10 and 20 percent.

So far?.. The drought seems to have made this year's show a li'l crispy... A little pastel... Maybe a bit silvery. Not sure when peak color 2012 will pop... Or just how much!?! Past color peaks have seen us pedal well into October. I am not feeling that this year.

Peak color date...

Any guesses?

Any fav colorful routes to suggest?

pedal on beluvved!!!!!!

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A lot more color has appeared in the last 2 days.  Looks like your timing for peak color will be good on 10/7.

Peak COLOR?  

OMG, yet another thing to dread...

eeeh Gads!.... ever-luvvin!!....

Colors are starting to blast!

Fall Color Trail Alert!....

The "rusty bridge" over Roselle Road section of the North Central Dupage Regional Trail. This area is at postcard quality right now!!
Nawhh... Peak Color GOOD!

go take a peek!..
you might Fall for it!

James BlackHeron said:

Peak COLOR?  

OMG, yet another thing to dread...

Colors are blazing! I must say I thought the drought would hurt... But I am seeing some brilliance this year!!

Want Fall Colors? Prairie Trail ride is gonna be great y'all... take a wild stretch beyond the county line of your comfort level... Trust Jah to be your Sag-wagon!!!

Still a lot of color to see out there!!!! Get out and crunch some leaves!!!



Beluvved... On a related story.... yesterday's "Prairie Trail" ride was the season's first big ride where I wore my long-underwear!! woHOOO!! Very exciting..... Like "FixedNews": "We inform... You decide"!


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