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So what is it that makes you stare a bit too long while riding?

It could be bike porn, a cute blond, a car, cool architecture...

Mine is easy - Dogs. Puppies are the worst, I have almost crashed a couple of times over those cute 4 legged furry creatures.

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she is kinda skanky don't you think ? 

Serge Lubomudrov said:

Thanksfully, this kind of eye candy is very rare in Chicago during the winter, otherwise there would be much more crashes :)

Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer! said:


I don't have any particular attachment to this photo but it seemed like it might be bad luck to break the chain.

Jason Smajda said:

This will definitely make me crash 

Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer! said:


Slightly overweight ladies in gray sweat pants paying the pizza delivery man standing in the middle of the road.

Drunk Wickerpark bar patrons trying to give me high-fives whilst cross the street.


UPS trucks blocking the bike lane.


Cyclists with 2 head lights and a helmet light that is 40000000 lumens but a weak ass rear light.


One of my ex-girlfriends with a new dude waving at me...


and of course the one and only...




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