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The City really half-assed what could have been a great NB extension of the Dearborn PBL.

How many infractions can you spot?

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i think i lost count at about 12...

Especially enjoyed the "YO!... get the f--k  off your f--king phone!" although i'm sure that driver had no clue what she was doing wrong.

i think that whole stretch of dearborn is quite possibly the most stressful bike lane in the whole city.

It is one of them. Makes me nervous riding it on a almost daily basis.

At this point, I pretty much avoid it and use State St. one block east.

My bike mirror angles on the left, so having the bike lane on the left-hand side of a one-way street is enough to make it worthwhile avoiding.

At least it's not as bad as the terminal west end of the Randolph street PBL. It's much much worse :P

BTW is there a thread on here somewhere as to why the west end is so crappy and just dumps riders off into highway bound traffic?

Yup. Every day riding Dearborn NB during afternoon rush:

1. Dodge peds in the loop at every intersection.

2. Watch for left-turn on red arrow at Wacker, and get shoaled by a bunch of riders who jump the light and then go really slow up the bridge. 

3. Avoid drivers pulling in/out of driveway across from House of Blues.

4. Watch for left-turn on red arrow at Kinzie.

5. Avoid left-hook at Hubbard (there's no arrows now...)

6. Avoid left hook at Grand.

7. Merge into car lane to avoid parked cars blocking bike lane at Post Office.

8. Navigate insane merge with left turning vehicles at Chicago who don't understand why you're not staying in the bike lane that they're all now suddenly driving in. (Oh, and avoid the UPS/Fed Ex trucks that like to park in the middle of the two lanes here, just to complicate the situation).

9. You made it! Now watch out for opening car doors since the bike lane no longer has a buffer zone.

10. The bike lane abruptly ends at Walton into oncoming traffic. (Don't worry, you probably won't make it this far anyways.)

I avoid it after work now. I used to love the thrill, but all the points you've made are "on point." Especially the shoalers. 

Better off riding through the alley near Michigan Ave and Adams up to Washington - Randolph, LFT.

That section from the post office to Ohio is ALWAYS hellish.

Hate it. Been so close to getting doored by people double parking to run and drop off their bills in the blue box. 

I like this saga. 


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