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ever been chased by a dog? (or- when animals attack!)

I got chased last week Tuesday on Warren Street going east toward Albany. Not sure if it was a stray - looked well fed, more like a pet that might've got loose. A little yapper dog.

It's still somewhat terrifying- I gotta wonder if I get caught at the light does it want to bite me. I don't want to kick it or run over it. I don't want it to get hit by a car.

Luckily I caught the green light and outpaced it.

Once before in Costa Rica I was chased by dogs. In Costa Rica dogs run free a bit more and seem to be treated more like rugged farm animals than spoiled house pets. It was pretty terrifying then too because these were big dogs. I just sped past them up this hill... And then had to repeat my evasive maneuvers on the way back.

I've also gotten attacked by a mama bird when getting too close to a nest, while biking- but that's a whole nother story altogether.

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Thanks for the tip.  

Back in my New Hampshire and Pennsylvania days, when I occasionally got chased by dogs out in the country, I was sometimes able to use a water bottle to squirt the dog in the face.  I mostly sprinted as fast as possible until the dog stopped chasing.

I've been chased by dogs many times. The worst was when I went camping in Indiana 2 weeks ago, I was chased by 6 pit bulls! I got off my bike, placed the bike between the dogs and myself and backed up until the I left the 'territory'. It's time to buy some bear spray!

Today on the I & M trail I was charged at by two protective geese---I was at least 4 or 5 feet from them. I was thrown from my bike. Luckily they backed off and i was not injured beyond a bruised ego. A mile later I sped up when another goose tried to do me in. Anyone have a bad bird experience? (By the way, the I and M trail which is easy to pick up off of 80 in Joliet, is a real gem full of great wildlife and a variety of beautiful birds--except, of course, those dangerous geese).

Ive come upon a group of wild turkeys who refused to cede the right-of-way.  More a memorable bird experience than a bad one.

I've had situations (off bike) when I was charged by aggressive geese who were trying to steal my lunch. I tried imitating their aggressive behavior and it worked. Notice how they raise up, flap their wings and hiss. 

I charged and hissed and flapped my arms like wings - like a bigger goose. In each case, the goose charging me backed off, and other geese nearby took the hint. Then I was able to eat lunch in peace. Your mileage may vary...

Next time get one of them to shoot a video of the incident on your phone please. :)

How to stop a goose attack.

Anne, your tactics seem not to be recommended in this article. But I think I would go ahead and try your tactics. But only if my helmet was on tightly!

In the incidents I had, the geese came up quickly and I didn't really have room to escape.  I did my best to be as intimidating as possible.

Geese are jerks. I've turned around and found a different path - trying to avoid them completely. Glad you are ok. 


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