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ever been chased by a dog? (or- when animals attack!)

I got chased last week Tuesday on Warren Street going east toward Albany. Not sure if it was a stray - looked well fed, more like a pet that might've got loose. A little yapper dog.

It's still somewhat terrifying- I gotta wonder if I get caught at the light does it want to bite me. I don't want to kick it or run over it. I don't want it to get hit by a car.

Luckily I caught the green light and outpaced it.

Once before in Costa Rica I was chased by dogs. In Costa Rica dogs run free a bit more and seem to be treated more like rugged farm animals than spoiled house pets. It was pretty terrifying then too because these were big dogs. I just sped past them up this hill... And then had to repeat my evasive maneuvers on the way back.

I've also gotten attacked by a mama bird when getting too close to a nest, while biking- but that's a whole nother story altogether.

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Awesome advice!

I get chased often.

Maybe because I ride through the neighborhoods around dinner time?

Are you carrying bacon in your pocket?

I've had lots of dogs chase me when I lived in or toured in rural areas.  They're territorial and don't know what your are.  Give them loud commands or talk to them, but keep going, most will just stop when you pass their territory.  They figure they did their job and drove you away.  An amazingly high number will stop right at the property line of their owners yard.


I used to do a week long training camp in rural Alabama. There were tons of dogs that would start to bark and some would chase. The best thing we found is to yell "get back in your yard" as loud as you can and just keep on riding. In the many years this camp has been in business they have never had a cyclist bitten.

Yep!  I used to do "road work" with my Whippet (a smaller version of a Greyhound) along Hubbard Street.  Once we were chased by two Corgi-like dogs.  Luke, the Whippet and I could have out run them, but then you never know what's going to happen at a intersection, so I let loose of Luke's leash and he went to the sidewalk, while the other two kept after me.  I tried the old technique of shouting (lower register) "bad dog, go home," but it didn't work.  I finally got off my bike and kicked one. One then becomes a human and not an animal-moving target. Then and only then did the owner appear and start screaming at me for animal abuse.  Sure, go ahead call the police, you're dogs are off-leash....Luke waited for me on the sidewalk.

Luke was the "camp counselor" of Whippets, while Brit, Fence and Foil will just dive in and figure out who owns the street.


I think you are entitled to defend yourself.

About 15 years ago on a trip from the east coast going through Kentucky we were constantly attacked by dogs.  Once a pack of dogs held us hostage for several minutes, we had to use our bikes as shields until one of the pack ran in a bit my rear pannier than they all left, just like that.  Another time while biking through Kentucky next to a large farm field we could see a dog charging at us with his owner chasing him, just as he stepped on the road a pickup truck going in the opposite direction as us hit it and just kept going.  We stopped and soon his owner came up to claim it.  We learned that just as a attacking dogs front paws hit the pavement to shout NO, this sometimes stopped them in they're tracks, just enough to speed away.  One time again in Kentucky a funny incident, we stopped at a general store to buy more dog repellent spray, the proprietor said he didn't have any "we should just get yourself a big stick".

My biggest "pet" peeve is with Chicago dog owners is letting their dogs go "off-leash" for a walk on a city sidewalk.

"Oh, it doesn't bite! BARK-chomp-STOP-sorry!"

$300 Violation Fine.
I got chased on my way to work a couple of weeks ago. Riding through Lincoln Park (in the park) just south of the zoo. This dog came out of nowhere growling and running along side real close. I coasted as to not antagonize it, but thought for sure I was going to get bit. The dog then circled around and charged at me from the side. I haven't experienced anything like this in the city before, only in rural areas. No owner around.

I ride on farm roads quite a bit and get chased by dogs often. If you have a clif bar wrapper or something you can dangle it  for the dog to get it's attention. Then let go of the wrapper or item and the dog will usually pay attention to the item you are dropping at least momentarily enough for you to get a head start. It would also work with a glove in a worst case scenario. Although littering and giving up a glove can aren't ideal, it could save you from a bite in a situation where you don't have it in your legs to outsprint the dog.


Thanks for that.


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