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sadly, i won't be able to make it, but in case you can:

Arūnas Matelis makes lyrical, transcendent documentaries on endurance, pain, and unsung courage. BEFORE FLYING BACK TO EARTH, which played at the 2007 CEUFF, was Lithuania's first-ever submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Now Matelis returns with his first film in twelve years, once again Lithuania's official Oscar submission. The subject of WONDERFUL LOSERS is Italy's grueling Giro d'Italia bicycle race, but the film is not concerned with winners and results. Instead, it goes behind the scenes to focus on those who toil without recognition: gregarios (aka domestiques) who sacrifice individual glory for the sake of their teammates; doctors who tend to injured cyclists on-the-fly, through the windows of moving ambulances; and crashed cyclists left in the wake of the race to contemplate uncertain futures. Filmed over a period of eight years, with its cameras in the midst of the high-speed action, WONDERFUL LOSERS is an amazing technical accomplishment and an exhilarating tribute to the human spirit. In Italian, English, and Lithuanian with English subtitles.

Sat, Mar 16th 5:15pm and Wed, Mar 20th 8:00pm, 22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival, Gene Siskel Film Center

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