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When I travel with my bike I sometimes switch from the Brown Line to the Red Line.

When making a switch at either Fullerton or Belmont, which is the better choice?  The first one you come to, going north or south? Always Fullerton? Always Belmont?  

Does switching Red-to-Brown or Brown-to-Red make a difference? Is there a difference between north-bound or south-bound?

Any opinions or experience on this?

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North bound declares that the train will be moving in a northern direction.

South bound declares that the train will be moving in a southern direction.

I know that; I meant, does it make a difference in making a choice if you're traveling northbound or southbound?

Bob, both Belmont and Fullerton have separated northbound and southbound sides (Red line on inside tracks, brown line on outside tracks).  You need to walk down the stairs or take the elevator to transfer between northbound and southbound tracks for both lines.  Both stations have pretty heavy traffic during rush hours and perhaps weekends so I wouldn't say either station is better for transferring.

If you're switching between trains going in the same direction, you stay on the same platform and just wait for the right train to pull in on the other side of the platform.

Hope that answers your questions.

Usually I am going in one direction.  I've found that during busy times the best shot is for the front or the rear car.  For some reason, the middle-most cars fill up fast.

The best way to board is at the beginning or the end of the line.  Last Saturday, for the Slow Roll ride, I didn't get on the Brown Line at Kimball (my usual station) but instead rode my bike up to the Howard Street Red Line, and rode that down to 95th St.  Coming home, I swapped from the Red Line to the Brown Line at Foster. 

The newer Red Line cars aren't as bicycle-friendly as the older Brown Line cars.

The best way to board is at the beginning or the end of the line. 

When boarding with a bike, that's pretty much been my experience over the years.

I wonder obsessively about this.  My gut feeling is that the first one you come to gives you about a 1% higher chance of having some choice in where you can put your bike. And if it doesn't, there's still that next stop.

On the other hand, the people watching is a bit better at the Belmont stop.

Morning, I'd take Belmont southbound and Fullerton northbound.

Afternoon, I'd take Fullerton southbound and Belmont northbound.

Take the Purple.



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