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i have a trek touring bike that is about 15yrs old and I thought I was sure that I'd convert it into an e-assist bike mostly to haul my dog in a trailer behind until I saw the Radrunner+ and I began to think about my future of biking differently. I've never ridden a more upright bike like the RR+, but I can see my middle aged body really liking that and the cushion of the fat tires. My touring bike has several custom components so it fits me well, also the motor and battery I'll convert with will be considerably better quality than what comes with the RR+, and yet just when I think I've settled on converting, something about the RR+ temps me again. I just can't decide... What would you do? And why?

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I recently converted a Priority Continuum with a Bikeling front wheel (details in another post) and so far it is great. Fortunately, the office building I work in has a secure bike room.

FWIW. For my wife, we were considering a Cowboy e-bike but the concerns about theft eventually ruled it out. Instead, she got a Priority Turi and a Swytch conversion kit (arriving later this spring).  The Swytch battery pack looks easy to remove and overall *much* lighter than the Bikeling kit. Even so, a shiny new bike locked up at the El is a liability. (Her previous bike was a Frankensteined 1968 Sears and Roebuck. A 0 on the theft meter.)

Thanks for this! If I convert, I'm going with the bafang mid drive.

20" x 4" (fat) inch tires, electric cargo bicycle with child / adult passenger options.


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