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So one of our 'favorite' bums brought this into the shop today and, being as it still has a lock on it, I am pretty sure it is not his...

So, if you know this bike, or the person who belongs to it, we have it at Rapid on North Ave.  We will release the bike if you can give us the serial number, have a key to the lock or can tell us what kind of saddle is under the rag.

Please feel free to share this; it is on the Rapid Transit Facebook page as well so please feel free to share it there as we really want to see this back to the rightful owner.

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Yeah!  Congrats!

Sarah Hughey said:

Got it back! Can't believe it. Thanks to the awesome network of cyclists in Chicago.
It causes me physical pain to admit that in my haste to catch a train I must have missed the rack when locking up. That also makes it doubly unbelievable that it's been recovered.
At least that's a mistake I'm unlikely to make again!


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