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DNAinfo, "A Bike Lane That Would Connect Edgewater to Evanston Is In The Works"

This is promising news for those that travel North to Evanston and the North Shore. Having travelled this section many times (North and South), this would be a huge improvement over the current Clark Street option. In sections, Clark is narrow and between parked cars, speeding cars, and rough pavement, it's sketchy at best. I hope this new bikeway is created quickly. 

Plans are underway to build a new bikeway that would connect Evanston, Rogers Park and Edgewater,with a meeting planned at 7 p.m. Thursday in Rogers Park to discuss the matter.

Ald. Joe Moore (49th) said the plan is funded by participatory budgeting in his ward, and the idea sprang up in April when residents formed an advisory council for the project.

Ald. Joe Moore/Chicago Department of Transportation

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I don't do that trip anymore but since you have 2 choices go go around the cemetery I'd pick the lake side in the Summer and Clark in the Winter. That whole stretch along Clark is a bit sketch and poorly lit.
Coming from the LFP I take Kenmore,wind through Loyola across Albion over to Ashland. Probably a little too complicated for a bike lane.



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