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A Ghost Bike will be installed for Dion Harris at Grand and Kolmar on Saturday Morning at 10 A.M.

Dion was struck and killed on Sunday May 2.


A Facebook announcement is here:


It's login-only, sorry. There are currently 67 marked as attending among family, friends, classmates.

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Do you meet there, or do you ride with the bike from somewhere else (WTB?)


Meet there.

I may not be able to attend due to a plumbing/landlording crisis, depending on what happens tomorrow.

Maryann, the mother of a classmate of Dion's (the owner of the facebook page) was instrumental in reaching out and doing the organizing for Saturday morning.

Unfortunately I will not be able to be there either. I have another commitment all day Saturday. 

My thoughts are with the family/friends and I'm there in spirit.

This is going to be kind of a big affair. Police assistance and 2 alderman are supposed to be there.


Marianne and family did an amazing job.

I captured some wonderful coverage from Univision. Will post it hopefully tonight.


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