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Dings, Scratches, Marks, Chips, Worn Spots. - Bicycle Frame Protection ?

I'm noticing that when I lock up, my frame is starting to get kinda scratched up at the points of contact. I don't want my baby to look all messed up. Does anyone have any recommendations for this problem. I've seen some things online but want to know what you think. Thanxs

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Never use WD-40 for anything other than displacing water or as a cleaner.

It is not a lubricant and it is not a sufficient coating to be used as a corrosion preventative.  

Tom A.K., you are so....serious!

Dug, re: protectors, that's not always the case if you apply the right material well. When I stripped down my MB-4 frameset and removed the electrical tape I had put on the top tube in 1994 I had sparkly, brand-new paint!

Superficial rust on chips (e.g. from locking up) are bound to happen on a bike with a painted finish that gets used hard. It's not that big a deal, but a bit of sandpaper and paint or a dab of rust converter will address it just fine.

Framesaver for the inside and powdercoat for the outside will together do a great job of protecting your frame in heavy use. My daily driver is PCed and got a Framesaver coat for the inside when I first built it up in 2009 and while the finish is scratched, etc. as you might expect from almost 6 years of daily use, the frame itself is in perfect shape and nothing has penetrated the coating.



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