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Did anyone witness a crash on Milwaukee Ave. Thurs. 11/30?

Asking for a friend....

Did you (or anyone you know) witness a crash at Milwaukee and Augusta at 8:55 a.m. this morning (Thursday 11/30)?

If you have any information, please call me at 312-629-1901 or email me (

Thank you!

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Please share to help get the word out. There were people around. Someone saw what happened.

Did this involve a car hitting a cyclist as they cut across lanes to enter the freeway? That is a dangerous spot for cyclists. I go through it most mornings but much earlier.

The car was turning left onto Augusta.

I've often witnessed (or personally experienced) the scenario you describe. It's one of many reasons why I really like having a mirror so I can see what's coming from behind me.

I agree that's one of scariest intersections to ride through. The tip of the bike lane there has become mangled.

That one and Chicago/Ogden/Milwaukee are dangerous for cyclists. It's good to be extra careful at both intersections.



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