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I figured it would be cool to put up a thread where people can post the good deals they see around or spread the word about sales all in one place without having to make a new thread each time.

Notice an amazing special somewhere?  Post it up.

Know about a secret deal somewhere? Post it up.

You know the drill.

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The sale expires Monday March 17 (if my math skills are correct).  Still lots of gear and sizes available as of this morning.  Everything from jerseys, long sleeves, jackets, shoes, socks, etc.

Does he still do this? 

J.A.W. said:

Want any MissionWorkshop bags (messenger or backpack)?

Call Smart Bike Parts and ask Eric to order one for you. You'd be surprised at the prices.

Greetings JAW,

I'll be at the shop today from 2 - 7 PM.

Ride on,


Smart Bike Parts

Another steep & cheep sale, this time bike parts: Build-A-Bike. Everything from frames, derailleurs, hubs, brackets, cranks, wheels, etc.  I"m sure someone more knowledgeable knows if these are good prices or not, but I thought I would pass it on.

I looked at that Steep & Cheap sale for the Build-A-Bike looks like it'll be good for you if you're looking to build a $2,000 road bike. 

There's a lot of bike stuff on Groupon right now...

Here's a $35 tune-up at the Bike & Roll bikestation in Hyde Park (53rd Street and Lake Park Avenue under the Metra viaduct) or the Bike & Roll bikestation at Millennium Park. They Hyde Park location will give you a gourmet coffee, too. 

Another bike tune-up for $35, this one's at Lakeshore Bike's two locations, North Avenue Beach and the tennis courts near Addison Street. 

Finally, a $15 Groupon for $30 worth of merchandise at Kozy's four locations. I bought this deal last fall when it was for sale at LivingSocial. I bought new fall/spring gloves. 



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