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It's tempting! I need the whaaaaalez. But I'm pretty broke right not. Have fun!


Thanks for the heads-up bobweiser.....IN!  My first DLD.   But at 9am in the morning?

yep! group a is the best, it gives you the most flexibility, since you're free to enter after your designated group time. last year i got there at 10:30, which was perfect, after the eager group a mob and before group b.

let's ride? the South Shore Line from hammond is a great option back after indulging.

Well do they kick out all the Group A people before they let the Group B in?   If so, is half an hour enough time to 'sample' the refreshments and entertaining?

The time on the ticket refers only to the time slot in which you are supposed to pick up your beers. You can stay at the festival as long as you want, stay in line, hear death metal, drink, eat, share bottles. Plan ahead your return trip, you don't want a cycling under the influence ticket (although I doubt the cops will stop cyclists).

Thanks for a great experience bobweiser!  I really enjoyed my first DLD yesterday.  Took shuttle buses both ways, which was good because it really rained HARD around 2pm.  But I was already on Reggie's shuttle, heading home with my five rare bottles!

glad your first time was good.  :-)

only ended up riding one-way myself this year. was getting ready to get picked up and noticed it was super dark to the west. thankfully i and my bike were both in the car before the thunderstorms hit!

bike friendliness? i consider them bike friendly. lots of people bike down these days. they have real bike racks now. have they not been friendly to you?

ah, got it. didn't know about that other thread. might have to chime in there. :-)



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