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Hey all.  I've been thinking about doing the Dairyland Dare in WI this August.  It seems perfect. I've been looking for rides like this - something greater distance and more challenging.  I'd love to do the Ragbrai across Iowa, but to be honest, i've been looking around for an organized ride with a greater daily mileage.  What happens on a 6 day ride if you can knock out the daily 60-70 miles in a relatively short time..what's to DO the rest of the day?  I like to start early and ride steady and fast.  But if i get to the next checkpoint so early, i think i'd just be waiting around until the following morning.  no?


But i've never done an organized ride like this before so i'm a little hestitant - just because i know so very little about it.  Is the route marked? It can't be, right?  That's just far to many miles to cover.  So what happens if i'm separated from the pack, come to a turn and it's not marked? I've taken long solo trips before and it's no big deal if i get a little sidetracked.  But in this case i'd prefer not to have to stop and try to figure out where i am and where i'm going.


So how to long group rides work, anyway?  Am i completely wrong and course changes would be marked?  Or should i just make damn sure that i keep up with an experienced group and rely on them as a guide?




Oh..and...Go Saints!

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If you're into enduro:

National 24Hr Challenge...
Early Registration for the 8/14 Dairyland Dare ends on July 4th.
On July 5th the reg fee goes up $15 from $80 to $95.
The ride is limited to 1,500 participants and is presently 71% full.


Here's what each participant gets :

-Chip Timing (not a race, but we all like to see how we compare...)

-1 pair of Dairyland Dare socks (Sock Guy brand)

-1 Dairyland Dare Pint glass.

-1 Dairyland Dare key chain bottle opener from Resource Revival

-Fully marked route + Detailed map and cue sheet which is printed on waterproof paper – you can sweat on it as much as you want and then re-use it. Ours have even made it through the wash in a jersey pocket.

-1 reusable tote bag – you’ll receive at packet pick up.

-Special Needs bags – at the start of the ride we’ll have designated bins for each rest stop. You can throw in a comfort item and pick it up at the rest stop of your choice.

-Rider Return bags – overdressed for the ride? Drop jacket, arm warmers etc at the rest stop and item will be returned to the start of the ride for pick up.

-Mechanical support throughout the course

-SAG wagons which drive the opposite direction of the route. If you need assistance you’ll see the SAG approaching you instead of passing you on your side of the road. SAGS are outfitted with amber lights and carry a fully stocked tool kit, a basic first aid kit, bottled water and a HAM radio.

-HAM radio support : Cell phone service is sketchy at best.

-Fully stocked rest stops – we try and have a smorgasbord at each stop ranging from basic rest stop items (water, HEED, Hammer Gel, Endurolytes etc) to pizza, brats, fresh fruit, etc. You will not go hungry on the ride – we promise.

-Post ride meal which includes Furthermore Beer

-Post ride door prizes.

-Post ride massage therapists.

-Charitable donations to all volunteers. We donate to charities, organizations, clubs etc in exchange for their volunteer time. So, each volunteer that you see is fundraising via the Dairyland Dare.


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