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Desira Miller was riding home with her boyfriend Friday night around 11 p.m. at Belmont and Central when a CTA bus turning left ran into Desira breaking her leg, arm, rib, and fracturing her skull.

Is anyone interested in doing a short YouTube video on how to accurately make an identifiable notation of a CTA bus, run and driver? It seems purposely confusing to keep the driver anonymous and free from blame.

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I remember the police one, too. 

Update for any interested, I submitted a FOIA request for the following:

  1. A copy of all training documents, videos, and/or guides of any other format regarding the topic of bicycle safety given to CTA Bus Drivers before they enter the field;
  2. A copy of any tests regarding bicycle safety administered to CTA Bus Drivers before they enter the field;
  3. The testing requirements/standards regarding the subject of bicycle safety for CTA Bus Drivers before they enter the field;
  4. A schedule of required continued training and/or assessments given to CTA Bus Drivers regarding bicycle safety once they have entered the field (If Bus Drivers are not required to undergo any successive training regarding bicycle safety, please denote that in your response).

Not sure if this will go anywhere but I sure am curious to see what the response looks like.

Excellent! It will be interesting to see if and what you can find out.

Did you file on behalf of the Chainlink? It helps to do so (in a larger sense) in my experience.

I didn't but if they are being non-compliant I will make reference to chainlink in a second request, they have 7 working days to submit responsive docs or notify me of a need for extension so we'll see.

Open to suggestions on changes in language here, too.

Thanks for the support everyone!

They might hide behind the union and say the union determines training procedures (which isn't untrue) so your second request might be to both the drivers union and the CTA.

I'm not sure what you mean by the union determines training procedures. In my experience working with unions, the employer dictates the training procedures.

However, to the extent that the union maintains any records about training we are SOL as they are not subject to produce them as FOIAs only cover public institutions.

With the CTA when, we did the video, they claimed that since the union approved all training, we would have to seek approval from the union first, not the CTA.

Update, received a letter notifying me that my response would require an extension.

"There is a need for consultation, which shall be conducted with all practicable speed, among two or more components of CTA having substantial interest in the determination or in the subject matter of the request"

i would hope that you got his run # (Usually displayed in the lower right front window) or at least the time of day and notified the CTA about their bonehead driver!

That's the best thing to do under the circumstances. Get the run # if at all possible, also route #, location and time of day. 

FYI - if you have Transit app on your smart phone, you could move your location on the map slightly further down the route to capture the run # if you weren't able to spot it before the bus moved on. Having that # is important to allow CTA to identify the correct driver.

8:20 pm 8-21-18, radio traffic reporter says, "watch out for 'debris' in the roadway along Harlem and (unknown st.) , it's a bicycle near the curb."

I immediately call in to the station to ask for clarification that it's not a cyclist who was hit-and-run and lying injured nearby. I asked them to send police to the scene and actually check and not go by a driver's report that the bike was 'debris'. They called back that it was checked on and no one was injured and it appeared to be a junk/recycled bike. Thank you. When it's dark don't assume anything, especially if a driver says there is a bicycle that is 'debris' in the roadway. 


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