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I'm taking my bike to Madison tonight and spending the weekend. Would anyone like to tell me about all the great things there are to do there? I've been there w/my bicycle. I'd like to try to make most the weekend (except for the drive there and back) as carless and carefree as possible.


What do you like to do in Madison? (eating & drinking & other cultural-type recommendations would be appreciated.)



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If you're on Facebook Madison has an active Bike Winter effort:

Just missed their kickoff meeting yesterday-- I'll bet you could get great advice if you posted there though (in addition to the great advice you might get here.)

Good idea! I am a "fan" of Madison's Bike Winter page on Facebook.


I think their kickoff was on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure that my friend who I'm visiting went to it.

(She's only been in Madison for a few weeks and already looking forward to winter cycling there.)

I just hope it's not rainy. I'm not the biggest fan of rain rides.



Oops-- I looked at the page briefly and it said "yesterday."


There's also a fairly low traffic Madison CM list-- subscribe by sending an e-mail to:


There's also this one that I see copied on an alert I received, but I don't know what the focus is:



The Farmers Market on Saturday morning (around the Capitol Building) is second to none.  Don't miss it!

Thanks, Soud'side (Howard?)!

And Darrell--you're so right. I've been to it. It's the best market. Still, I want to ride around a lot so I don't know that we'll be there for very long--just long enough to sample cheese curds and other Wisconsin-y delights.  I wish I was cooking on Saturday night, but we've already got dinner plans at someone's house. I suppose there's no reason why I can't stock my own rotter bin. (That's what I call the vegetable crisper--It seems I'm seldom home enough to enjoy the produce I buy.)


Happy Friday!

Ride around Mendota (20 mi)or Menona (10 mi) both great little treks.  Hit picnic point too!

I recommend the view of Lake Mendota from the Student Union on the U of W campus


Madison is very bike friendly, and there are numerous trails to explore.


One of my favorite places to eat and drink microbrews at is The Weary Traveler, on Willy Street..which happens to be in a cool part of town.





Vilas Park Zoo is nice and easy to get to by bike.

I understand the front and rear light requirement is strictly enforced, and you're likely to get pulled over even on a bike path without working lights after dark, so be careful about that.



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