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I looking for news articles for a project at work, and I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal I wanted to share. It's titled: Cycling's New Rules of the Road. It talks about the cycling boom right now, but focuses mainly on NYC. I wanted to point it out because I thought it was a good read as I was going through it as I read about how it can be choas at times with drivers, pedestrians and cyclist all having the share the road. Then halfway down the article it swiches gear (pun not originally intended, but sticking with it) about a new ad campaign that NYC is launching. It's titled "Don't be a jerk" and is aimed at cyclists. I like that there's a campaign about sharing the road that has this title, but I don't understand why it can't be aimed at drivers and pedestrians at the same time, teaching everyone to share. Anyway, my intention isn't to post this to create a rant. I thought a good part of it was an interesting read for a few reasons. 1. The guy who is the main source for the article in regards to urban planning and cyclists being a part of that plan is working on a study about cycling in cities that Chicago is partially funding. 2. The article states that in Chicago bus drivers and cab drivers are required to take a course on safe driving with cyclists. The bus driver part I knew, but cab drivers are required too? Really? 3. I think the article had good information to add extra knowledge and perspective as a bike advocate.


I just realized how long it's been since I've posted anything here. Jeez.

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Well Manhattan is 2 miles wide at it's widest and has a dedicated bike (multi use) trail that circles the entire island, separated bike/pedestrian lanes on most if not all bridges, you can walk across the GWB from NYC to New Jersey!

Cabbies have to pass a bunch of tests including the understanding of the English language but they are still shitty drivers.

Rant: And since this week is the beginning of the dumbass/asshole I don't know or choose to ignore the rules of the road happy holiday season such as trying to make Milwaukee ave. into a 2 lane road by driving in the bike lane!
Bike riders are always on the defensive and if I have to cut in front of you to avoid being hit by someone else that's just how it is.
Like I've mentioned before bike riding is faster that driving in rush hour by a lot, so don't get all road ragey drivers, you're just lazy.
I've lived in both cities and I find Chicago to be much more bike friendly, although NYC now has separate bike lanes, etc. In Chicago, drivers seem to have a better grasp and understanding for bikers, while in NYC, I would say, in general, they don't. That's why I feel that Chicago is more bike friendly than NYC.
Fixed that for you.

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