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i recently had my rear wheel rebuilt after 10,000 miles at a LBS. now i am losing spokes on the non-drive side. builder has repaired for free, but this can't go on. anyone recommend a good builder?

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I have had 2 wheels built by Justin up at johnny sprockets on bryn mawr . Mavic open pro's with Surley hubs. Havent had any issues and I found him by asking around at other bike shops.
If you can wait the requisite month for the build to happen, nobody makes a better wheel than Marcus at Yojimbo's.
Marcus at Yojimbos!!! It'll take a week or two but its well worth the wait.
Doesn't Yojimbo's only do track bikes? It's a 9speed Shimano Wheel. Also not sure I want to wait, as this is my winter bike, but I'll give em a call. I shoulda left it alone until it collapsed, but shouldacouldawoulda. Thanks!
learn to build yourself. you don't even need a truing stand, though it sure makes it allot easier. its really not that hard, but can be time consuming to do it right. you'll be willing to spend far more time getting it just right than almost ANY wheelbuilder.
chip or matt at iron cycles....
Alex at West Town Bikes is offering a wheelbuilding class, over two nights (Dec 3 and Dec 10, 3 hrs each night):
wig [ isaac ] said:
chip or matt at iron cycles....

Or if you want, i know a guy who builds wheels for a living in his house. email me for his number/info



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