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Hello folks, 

I am selling my beautiful All City Space Horse. Rides smooth and handles like a dream, great for gravel, touring, urban riding. Steel is real!

612 select ChroMoly Steel frame

4030 ChroMoly fork 

10 speed Ultegra (12-30t cassette).

Like new, no dents or scratches, barely ridden (less than 500 miles!) $1150.

(Road tires are pictured, but I can swap them out for CX if you prefer) 

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I will private message as soon as I get home from work tonight.
What a beaut!
Price lowered- $950. Still trying to sell this baby! Perfect adventure bike :)
Hey this bike looks beautiful, and it's exactly what I'm looking for (even down to 10 speed Ultegra!). Would you be willing to ship it (at my expense of course) or do you prefer to deal with someone local? Thanks!
Sold. Thanks for your interest all :)

Glad to hear it! :-) 


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