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So last weekend a bunch of my friends suggested skiing at Devils Head in Wisco. It was somewhat enjoyable, but I'm in a great deal of pain, and I prefer to go faster while sitting down.

However I did notice that in the summer they open the trails to mountain biking, and I've been somewhat curious about trail riding/downhill mountain biking. Has anyone ever ridden up there? Any tips for a newbie? Any idea of a decent cheap mtb to look in to?

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I've never ridden Devil's Head, nor have any experience in downhill mountain biking.

However, Kettle Moraine is just a hop, skip and a jump away outside of Elkhorn, WI and is a mecca for mountain bikers. It's one of the more populated mountain biking areas in the country due to its almost equidistance between Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago.

Locally, there's Palos. I prefer Kettle because its trail system is one-way and due to the fact that it's closer to where I live.

As far as a decent cheap mountain bike, I can offer you a Rocky Mountain dual suspension ETSX-30 if you're the right height. email me for details.


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