After slamming Critical Mass, I'm thinking of doing the one in September so I can see what it's like to participate. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I can't reconcile all of the inconvenience and disruption caused by CM with its lack of meaning. I appreciate civil disobedience, but only if it's to work toward some goal, which CM doesn't seem to have.

Can you help me understand CM better to help me decide if I should participate? I'm not trolling or being a devil's advocate - and I understand if no one wants to beat this dead horse yet again.

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In the third paragraph it mentions 10 years. I'm guessing a bit of recycling from the last GRAND FINALE.

h' said:

Davo said:

Should we keep an eye out for a red eye article or letter to the editor soon? ;P

The line "a victim of its own success" looks to be in a smaller font and slightly out of alignment with the other lines. 

Looks like that part was schooped if you ask me. 

Juan said:

In the third paragraph it mentions 10 years. I'm guessing a bit of recycling from the last GRAND FINALE.

h' said:

Davo said:

Should we keep an eye out for a red eye article or letter to the editor soon? ;P

I would like to thank the drunk angry shovey person who was wandering around in the Mass and was trying to push over bicyclists.

When he got to me and gave me a mighty shove I didn't fall over like he expected and instead corrected by turning my front wheel to maintain uprightess, in the process running over his ankles in what felt to my hands on the grips like a very painful way as it ground up and over his shoes and rubbed against both of his ankle bones in quick succession.    

This only made him angrier and he jumped away to attempt to push someone else.  On the way back to where he was going he gave me another even mightier shove which, this time, caused my quill stem to rotate nearly 90-degrees in the steer tube.   Even with my handlebars sideways I again failed to give him the satisfaction of falling, but again ran over his ankles once more.

I see that my fork is also twisted now,  looking down at the crown it is no longer perpendicular to the wheel and axle although the bike still tracks true and I can ride no-handed without it pulling to the side.   I  have a feeling that shovey dude is going to wake up with some really bruised, contused, and painful ankles/feet this morning.   I'm sorry about your feet, man, but you pretty much did it to  yourself.  

To Kiltedcelt, I'm sorry I disappeared after that incident but I had to stop and fix my handlebars before traveling on.  The extra set of handlebars I had just bought from you weren't damaged in the scuffle. 

That was excellent. Really nice seeing the police take an active but not overwhelming role in helping keep the ride flowing through busy intersections. One of my top masses of my life, and what an amazing afterparty!

Thanks Chicago!!

It all turned out OK.  I wasn't hurt and I don't think anyone else was seriously hurt.   Drunk guy walked away without too much limping so I'm going to assume that other than some foot/ankle bruising there will be no serious injury to him either.   Hopefully that is the case.

I was able to limp through the rest of the ride with my bars mostly straight and was home by 9-ish.   I'm not too big on after parties and I wanted to go home and snuggle with my lovely wife instead. 

kiltedcelt said:

James - I was just a little ways behind you when that first shoving incident occurred. I saw you give him "what-for" with your front wheel and watched as he walked along the sidewalk giving us all the finger. I heard other riders daring him to come back out on the street to try that with them. Sounds like he took up the offer. I waited a few minutes to see if you'd catch up but the Mass kept coming, and coming, and coming, and I realized then that you might have gotten way far back or had passed by me and I didn't see. Anyway, I guess I know the full story now. Too bad your bike got jacked around. It must suck to be that stupid and angry (drunk shovey pushy guy).

I was witness to way too many incidents along the ride even from the beginning but I met the winner of the bike winter sticker. I'm such a fanboy.

I'll help.

I didn't see any threads about it. What's this year's sticker look like?

But also traditionally, there would be a ton of posts for submissions and finalists on this forum.

To take a total tangent, does anyone know who has the photo archives? I know that at one point the CCM website (or one of them) had photo links. There are a couple of shots of me from 2005 or 2006 or so that I'd like to get my hands on. I know it's a shot in the dark, but figured it was worth asking. 


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