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This bingo card was created as a tribute to the was anderson Movie Moonrise Kingdom - link . it features things that one would usually see in a Wes Anderson movie. I think it is brilliant.
i'd like to make bingo cards like this for the next critical mass ride.

Any suggestions for items?

so far I have

- Tall bike

- people in matching outfits

- a dog on a bike or a trailer
- a bike with a sound system
- a bike with a milk crate that says "Dean Foods"

please add items that you think should be on a critical mass bingo.

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The guy with the big ring that allows him to flip, "Happy Friday" in big letters, Fat Tire tricked-up cruisers, neon wheel lights, messenger bags, Somebody in a suit and tie on a Dutch bike, a box bike with at least two kids, an extra-cycle, recumbent, couple on a tandem, big smiles, A quark....

This list could go on forever re-titled "things we both love and hate but are quintessential to CM...."



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