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if given an option to use parking that may protect your bike from the elements, would you use it?  if the covered bike parking offered some additional security and maybe cctv, would you pay to use it?


im just curious what people think of such an amenity.

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Covered bike parking in general doesn't excite me. I ride a crappy bike and if I return to it and the seat is wet from rain, I just wipe it off briefly.


If it's really windy, rainy, or snowy, I guess it's nice to have the roof while you're unlocking the bike, but then you're about to go off into the elements anyway, so why put off the inevitable?


For our taxpayer's money, I'd rather have re-striped existing bike lanes and additional new bike lanes, as well as more regular bike racks.

JCDecaux does offer installation and maintenance of bike racke as part of their portfolio in Europe. Couldn't find anything about them being covered.

Tim S said:
I wonder if the company that takesa care of the bus stops, JC Decayux (sp?), would be willing to spring for covered parking. Perfect ad revenue spot.
Not only would this be nice for parking but also if they had similar panels for bike lanes to be used all winter (removable for summer) I'd be happy to pay for a cycling license that funded such an infrastructure.

I would pay it but i would pay even MORE, if i didn't have to worry about

my bike getting stolen or vandalized as well. 

The secure bike parking @ Millinium park is 1 mile out of my way.

One @ UnionStaion would be GREAT!!



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