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Some of you know that Chris and Justyna (formerly of Rapid Transit) are starting up a new bike shop, Cosmic Bikes. They're doing an online fundraiser to help with start-up costs and offering some nice promotional goodies, including tune-up packages, repair classes, pint glasses and more.  Let's give 'em a hand.

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With Sportif closing/selling (hopefully soon) Cosmic should do really well in that area. I'm excited for them.

I stopped into Cosmic Bikes today. Chris and Justyna were low pressure and knowledgeable, and best of all understanding of the type of cyclist I am and my needs when it comes to my bike. They answered all my questions and were just wonderful. Honestly, it felt like hanging out with my friends from Chainlink. Not only did they introduce me to my new bike love, but they offered the custom features that take the bike from great to perfect.

They couldn’t have a better location, just off the blue line on Lawrence right across from Wilson Park, which is perfect for test riding bikes. I am so happy and proud to have them in our neighborhood. I heartily recommend Cosmic and will be a patron for years to come. I encourage all my biking friends to do the same.

Lovely. :-) Thanks for sharing your experience. 

Welcome! I meant to say on Milwaukee, I'm still feeling the new bike glow and my brain's a little fuzzy. Don't mind me!  Here's the correct address: 4641 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60630.

awesome. Do you have a new bike pic to share your new bike day with us? :-) 

I will soon enough.  They are ordering the right color and size for me and doing some custom add-ons. I will post a photo of my new bike as soon I have one. :-)

Sweet. Look forward to it.

Yeah! Justyna and Chris are good people. Glad to hear that you had such a positive experience.


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