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Cortland and Damen construction = communting challenge

The Damen/Fullerton construction is going to start later this week.  That's been scheduled for a while and I'm looking forward to the eventual improvements.  I do wonder how cyclists are going to fit into the one lane of Damen traffic during construction. I figure I'll just avoid Damen whenever possible.  

Then last night on my ride home, I saw the sign announcing that Cortland will be closed starting 6/1.   So there goes my alternate Elston to Clybourn route.  Anyone know how long that closure is expected to last?  Anyone have other suggestions for West Town to Andersonville commute?  

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Answering my own question here - the north side of the Cortland bridge is open.  When I crossed yesterday I encountered 4 cyclists and a dude on a moped.  

Confirming/reiterating/bumping, for now the bridge is still open to cyclists/peds/joggers, and bonus, Cortland for blocks before/after is closed to cars.

Is Southport open through the Finkl site?

No, going southbound, Southport is only open to Finkl, then you have to turn onto Kingsbury.  One can no longer drive through the Finkl site.

Well for what it's worth it seems drivers are having a much more difficult time with this.

I wonder how many times a cyclist will pass some of these drivers before they realize how silly it is to be stuck in a car and get on a bike themselves! Also watch out for stressed out drivers taking side street shortcuts. 

...and for car drivers trying to bomb down the bike lane.

Luckily haven't had to take this route in a while. Does anyone know if this is still open?

Not sure what you are referring to.  Cortland between Elston and Clybourn is open to cyclists and pedestrians by way of a sidewalk on the north side of Cortland.  

Yep, Cortland is still a major bike and ped route during construction, because the northside of the bridge sidewalk remains open.  It's been much better than I expected.



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