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so it looks like the superpedestrian wheel is out for sale now. Anyone getting it and any word from customers?

I have a multi-gear wheel. I am wondering if any words about that too.

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Well, technically it is available for pre-order now, with delivery starting in "Spring 2014"

No possibility of confusion in the marketplace. None whatsoever. Nope...

product comparisons?

I'm not an engineer and I'm probably not the market for this wheel.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, this product appears to be a cleaner design.

BruceBikes posted a link today that at least raises a question as to whether the kickstarter wheel misappropriated or copied technology which is subject to an exclusive licensing agreement. If they did, I think FlyKly is going to find it difficult to ever deliver a product to its backers. 

Amy Y said:

product comparisons?

Here is a video that explains how the wheel works and can be integrated with a smart phone. Im kind of a luddite when it comes to this but I can see how this could be beneficial for getting people on bikes for longer commutes or in hilly cities.

I have a friend who is a PhD engineer working for Ford (and a cyclist), who says the general concept sounds quite good and has a lot of potential.


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