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I really appreciate that he is there 3-4 times a week ticketing cars and bicyclists who don't slow down at the 3 way stop.   I am glad he gave me a warning last year, because I have seen a lot of people getting tickets recently.   I did not appreciate that as I passed by this morn he said "I have cars stopped, I didn't get you this time, but I will tomorrow".   I did not put my foot down, but I did slow down to almost a complete stop because I see him ticketing cyclist all the time.   So- PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN or this cop WILL give you a ticket at this intersection.  He is racking them up. 

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Beautifully said.

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

The Idaho Stop is the way to go but it's a little too nuanced for the average driver to understand. 

Seems like it's too "nuanced" for a lot of cyclists to understand: that "yield" means you sometimes have to stop...




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