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Some of the riders in my dwelling are meeting with Farmer Jon today to get set up for kitchen waste composting service.

[The] compost collection business is similar to other in Chicago but with two notable exceptions — it's conducted entirely by bike and is believed to be the South Side's only such service.

I'm pretty excited about it. Our backyard composter just can't keep up with four families and we had some bad luck with our worm composting project, so I'm really happy to find a way to keep our kitchen waste out of the landfill. If anyone is interested, I'll post more details after the meeting and as we use the service. 

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Super great idea!


Great to see this!  Please do post details, Tony.

Great idea! If you ever do go back to vermiculture, I recommend help from "Urban Worm Girl." They are great worm doctors and saved my wigglers!

Sorry for the late response, but I've been using this service since it started and have been extremely pleased. I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in composting, but needs some help with the logistics. It's been really easy, and the fellow who runs things has been very helpful, flexible, and responsive.


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