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Fellow bike commuters, I have a question: Does your office building have a bike room? If so, is there a fee to park your bike and how much? My building is about to impose a fee and I'm curious how it compares. Thanks.

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My office building currently has a bunch of bike racks in the parking garage, free of charge. Free showers in the gym. 

There are plenty of bike racks around my office building (behind the Chicago Theater) since there are schools here. However, the president of our company is fine with us parking a bike in the middle of the office, especially since he does it!

Although my commuter bike fits under my desk quite nicely...

115 s lasalle / 110 w monroe - there is a room in the basement off the loading doc. $100/yr, limited slots. I think it is a pretty good deal considering what some people pay. I have to sign in, but the building security guys all know me by now. 

155 N. Wacker - my husband's building charges $50/month based on 1-yr term, includes showers at the gym (but not full membership) and a locker, basically $600/yr. That building's slots are all taken and any spots that open up are given out on a first come first serve.

Free is always better...not sure what else that room would be used for if not a bike room. I guess buildings always need storage of some sort.

Not exactly. I'm at 227 W. Monroe, and the gym is $75 lifetime as long as you work in the building. Pretty sweet price for a gym w/ showers.  Bike racks are Free/super safe in the heated garage, just make sure you don't scratch the Ferrari's parking! (Or Maserati's, or Mercedes, Range Rovers...)
Morgan 6 mi said:

At 540 W Madison there is a locking series of cages. No showers...yet. No cost. Security guy seems to know people by sight. My old building (227 W Monroe) had underground, rack parking and a free gym. Parking was tight in summer. 

One S. Dearborn - small bike room, enter via secured card-access door on Madison by the entrance to parking ramp.  No fee, showers in the building fitness center.  You do have to sign a waiver, basically says you bike park at your own risk.  Not sure if there is a security camera in the room, but there's one outside at the entrance.  Room does fill up quickly in warmer weather.

70 W. Madison - bike room, enter via 2(!) secured card access doors on Clark by garage parking ramp.  Same deal as OSD - no fee, showers in fitness center, sign the waiver.  



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