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I'll be working at 2801 S Western Ave soon and I'm looking for commuting advice from the Northside. My preference would be LFP rather than city streets. Once I'm downtown what's the best route to go SW? Google Maps shows a route that uses Archer - any feedback on that route?

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Yes, adding 4 miles to avoid car traffic makes sense to me.

What I find odd here is that the on-street distance to and from the LFP is nearly as long as the on-street distance using the more direct route--so using the LFP doesn't even achieve the goal of avoiding car traffic.

That's why I wonder if it's a conditioning/exercise thing. I'm just honestly curious.

Of course, no one is being critical of Bill.  I think what you're trying to point out, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that the battle to get east to the LFP from Damen or Pulaski, and then west from the LFP to 28th and Western, negates the advantage of taking the LFP in between.  Am I right?  Because that's certainly the way I would see it. 

+ yep.

I would agree. That's a lot of east-west distance - a high price for the pleasure of some lakefront riding. Just my $0.02.... Your mileage may vary.

Yes. I'd love to hear the OP's reasoning on this. I'm sure there is a reason and I'm interested to know it!


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