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I think we Chicagoans are pretty good at supporting bars that just wanna be bars. And bars of all other kinds.

thang van ung said:
that would be "bizarro's handlebar" on 37th... with a menu that would please meat-eatin ryan.
i'm so tired of gimmick bars, with the big on-set for the yuppies and now for the upper-mobile creepsters. more support is needed for the bars that just want to be a bar -- "you want a theme, go to a park" kinda bar.
I'm sure the late, great Dr. Dan Kliman, a central figure in the early days of
Chicago Critical Mass who later moved to St. Louis and helped start a Mass there,
would be very proud to hear about the HandleBar, and to know that the St. Louis
bike scene has come so far as to be able to support such an endeavor.
No, that was me.

Juan Dominguez said:
So this was the guy hollering "I want a pony!" at the last Critical Mass?

carl harris said:
I want a pony

(And Carl.)
I think this one was my favorite:
"Any bar is bike themed if you ride your bike to it.
Ahhh, the niche marketing of America. Twee that shit up."



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