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So it's getting on that time of year again and let's see who we can muster for help! ;-) If you ride with Security you are clothed. But we also need volunteers for stay behind crew.

The Rear Guard Needs You!

We are the peeps that hold the end of the ride together. Bring a positive attitude and a willingness to help out. We keep the police and nayr-do wells off the naked folks. Don't worry about conflict as we should have enough peeps to handle that and there are lawyers on the ride to protect the riders. The ride is Saturday, June 9th 2012. ;-)

You can contact Andrew through here or me through here or at <--- those are zero's after the gec.

Expert Naked Ride peeps are always welcome! ;-)

There is also a Naked Ride Security Group that if you are interested I ask you to join so communication is easier.

Thanks and talk soon,
gabe ;-)

(Can the Guys from last years crew check in on here when you see the thread? ;-)

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Doug id like h to help with corking instead of at te rear guard. Julie Duppie the trailer is more there for its ability to create space between u and te cars at the end so a light trailer is great doesn't have to be able to carry a ton better that u can peddle fast with it.
And Duppie in regards to time a meet up for security crew will occur around noon at my place sofilks can meet each other an well order pizza as a group and go over the ride a bit. Then we'll head down to the rally as a crew and get to work- then booze.:)

Gabe - I'm doing a women's triathlon the next morning in Naperville so I won't be able to help after  the ride.

??? After the ride is the reward for Security... Booze! By trailers at the end I mean rear of the ride. the Rear Guard "Cause we guard your Rear" :-) The trailers help keep cars off your fender.

Hey Naked Ride Security Folks, for the inexperienced riders - the First Friday Ride on June 1st and the Full Moon Fiasco on Monday June 4th are two opportunities between now and Naked Ride (06/09) for practicing group riding, corking, and drinking. ;-)

The Ride fast approaches! ;-)

What are the hours of the ride?  I could not find it on the info page.

For the ride or for Volunteers? Those differ.

And of course I'm still lookin for volunteers. Join up in the Naked Ride Security Crew group. ;-)

Looks like it's gonna be amazing weather, Still lookin for Volunteers.



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