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I've been riding cages/straps for years now on my fixed ride, and have been thinking about trying out some egg beaters.  My question is, has anyone had any problems coming unclipped under the emergency of skidding?  I understand abandoning ship would be much more difficult than cages, but my main question of concern is the odds of accidentally coming unclipped.

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Thanks for your feedback everybody!  It greatly helps.  I checked out Crank Brothers website to get an idea of cost and saw that their eggbeaters are definitely reasonably priced.  Eric, I'll have to swing into your shop in the next week or so and see what's up! Thanks!
I dont trust eggbeaters for fixed gear riding. that combo is sketchy -- been there, done that. if you use a brake, then they'd be fine I suppose. brakeless? no way. they are also incredibly fragile and often need to be sent back / repaired / replaced by Crank Bros. Pick up a pair of Atac Aliums or a Shimano SPD pedal instead. I like A520s or A600s which have a nice platform that can help reduce/avoid hot-spots.


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