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Ok, you guys confirmed what I thought elevation gain was. Another ? I'm reading about this ride I'm doing (Dairyville Dare) and there's a lot of talk about how tough the hills are because of the AMOUNT of climbing there is- 7500 ft gain in 100k (62 miles)= 120 ft/mile. That (it seems?) is only like a mile and a half of climbing in 62 miles, right? Is that considered tough? I know about grade %, etc- I'm talking about the AMOUNT of climbing. Also, how do you train for hills when you don't have any hills to train on?

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THREADJACK! The answer topic is TOMRV, not about climbing hills and such part 2.

Hey, h3:
TOMRV is the same two-day route as in the past but for three noticeable changes. On day one (Quad-Cities to Dubuque), after leaving Galena you now have the option of bypassing the infamous "Wall" or sucking it up and doing the 3/8-1/2 mile, 15% grade climb. On day two, the route into Preston now comes in from the north and west with less steep but more rolling hills than the old route (much better and scenic IMHO). The third change is the route doesn't follow the Mississippi River Road back through LeClaire to Bettendorf; instead, you turn west after riding through Low Moor, ride in the town of McCausland, then turn south and ride to meet the original route about 4-5 miles away from the finish point. Yes, you still have that 1/2 mile, roughly 12% grade climb just before the end of the ride, though.

CCC contingent included yours truly, Art G., Jim Adgate, Alice Kroman & Duane O'Laughlin. Thomas Berube was riding fast as usual. Jim Kreps was riding fully loaded with pack equipment in preparation for his around-Lake-Michigan bike ride starting this weekend. As for my 'ford's gearing, I'll get back to you later with the details.

THREADJACK ENDED. And now, on with our regularly-scheduled programming about climbing hills and such, part 2.

h3 said:
Would love to hear more about TOMRV for old times sake. Still basically the same route? Who all was there from CCC? What's the gearing on your 'ford?

Hey, h3:
Gearing on my 'ford is 34 inner, 50 outer, double crank, shifters give me ten speeds per ring.

h3 said:
What's the gearing on your 'ford?


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