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Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday morning opened part of the long-awaited Navy Pier Flyover, as well as the 41st Street pedestrian bridge, creating new ways to get around for pedestrians and bicyclists near the lakefront.

The flyover, first started in 2014, has been delayed by various factors, including needed repairs on the Lake Shore Drive bridge over the Chicago River. Emanuel also has blamed the state for delaying funding for the project during the budget crisis.

The newly opened portion of the Flyover will carry pedestrians and bicyclists over Grand Avenue and Illinois Street, where there are currently frequent conflicts between travelers on the Lakefront Trail and cars. Work is continuing through 2019.

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This sign will fix everything. Actually, I do love this signage, I wish they had this posted in more places, it's really clear IMO.

And so happy to viewing this godawful blind spot/bottleneck from above!

(erp - sorry, not sure why my pix seem to be posting upside down/sideways)



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