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So I'm in need of a new bag and I have settled on Chrome because I have always wanted one. Most of it has to do with the look and the button, admittedly.

A little background: I currently bicycle commute between 5.25 and 8 miles to the Metra stations in Naperville (depends on which one I go to that day).  I then sit on the train for an hour and walk about a mile and a half across downtown to my gym for a shower.  I'll be carrying a change of clothes, possibly a pair of shoes, my ulock/cable, emergency toolkit, and the usual pocket stuff (phone/wallet/work keycard and keys/train ticket/headphones) while I'm on the bike.  When I'm off, I leave my helmet locked to my bike and stuff my kit and water bottle into the bag.  I may also occasionally haul my laptop (15 inch Vaio) and or Note tablet along with.

So here's the question:  Should I get the Citizen model or the Buran model?  Will either or both of these have enough room and pockets for all of the stuff that I need?  Some things can get left off, like the shoes, since I would only need to carry those when I wear a pair other than my work shoes (I leave those in my office).  Is the built in laptop compartment on the Buran worth the extra weight for the times when I don't have my laptop with me?


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This is the bag I keep thinking of buying.


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