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As someone who looks forward to the MKE, MAD, and local swaps this time of year I was saddened to learn that there will be no swap at Harper College this coming January.

Does anyone know why the swap is off?  Any word of any group of people planning on hosting another swap?  

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Harper college is doing a massive renovation project in the athletics centre. Nothing will be happening there for awhile. All classes and other activities have been relocated or cancelled until the project is finished.

I also wonder about the city version of the Bike Swap. That's been held at Jaks Tap for years, but they closed, so that space is no longer available.

Didn't UIC host it one year? Is there a reason that didn't happen again?

Active Trans ran it that year. It was a great event, but an enormous amount of work at a time when a lot of energy is already going into planning for Bike the Drive. 

With regret, we have retired the city version of the Winter Bike Swap as well. Our final year continued the trend of lower attendance and several exhibitors were very disappointed.  It was a lot of work for the three of us that spearheaded the event and we were very fortunate to be able to enjoy the assistance of a great group of volunteers that were always very helpful and generous with their time and effort, but with declining fortunes over the last couple of years and very full schedules for all of us, it was time to put it out to pasture.

Thanks for running those Lee.  I always have looked forward to your small swap.  


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