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Hey everybody. On 4th of July weekend I rode from Pilsen to Westmont. The metra blackout and wonderful weather inspired me.


I took 26th st for about half the journey and then got a little confused. I thought I was going to run into Salt Creek Trail when 26th st ended, but didn't see the entrance. So, I rode on Roosevelt for less than a mile, which was extremely dangerous at that point (pretty much a highway) and I wish I hadn't. Got off at York road and then found the trail. The trail was confusing too, since there's basically no signage. It rides through corporate McDonalds HQ and Hamburger University. Which was interesting. The woods the trail runs through are great though, and there's a lot of picnicking areas.


I did have a Chicagoland Bike Map which helped me a great deal. 


I was wondering if anyone has done a similar commute and can recommend an alternate route. I would like to do it again at some point but definitely don't want to wind up on Roosevelt again.

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Here's my route I took. I went through some of Salt Creek to get to Hinsdale but was thrown for a loop because of a wash out under Roosevelt Road. But did make it to Hinsdale through Chicago Ave.


We should all get together and ride it! End to end.


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