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Chicago LBS': do you have _______________ in stock, right now?

Metal studded 26" x 1.9" tires?

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In 1", no but we have it in 1 1/8" in black and silver which is way more common and should be what the fork on your Cross Check is, provided that is what it is for. 

We also have this guy:

Which I actually prefer for appearance and reducing the chance of brake chatter.

TehDoak said:

Anyone have one of those cable hanger/spacer things with a barrel adjuster for canti brakes?

Like this, but local?

Dug, Dare I ask the price of the 1 1/8th cable hanger and what you posted.  Currently I have just a hanger but no barrel adjuster, which is problematic because I can't currently adjust for cable strech, (let alone change the tire) without taking apart the front canti

I have that hanger (black, 1 1/8) in my parts box. If you want it, its yours.

A fork-crown mount like Doug posted is a nicer option, though. Only downside is not usually compatible with front racks.

Thanks William and Dug.  Stopped by rapid transit and talked to dug.  Didn't have quite what I needed in stock.  Stopped by Smart Bike Parts and they had one.  Thanks all!


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