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Chicago hospitality for Baltimore cyclists this weekend

A group of cyclists from Baltimore are on a cross-country fundraising ride for cancer.  They are arriving in Chicago this Friday afternoon (6/17), staying at UIC, and leaving on Sunday morning (6/19).  I had tentative plans in place for a potluck dinner for them for Friday night, but the host is no longer able to host and I'm starting over from scratch.


Would anyone living within a few miles of UIC be willing to host and work with me to organize a potluck dinner for them on Friday night?  They are a group of 30 riders, including 5 vegetarians.


If you're interested in hosting or joining in the dinner (contributing a dish to share), please contact me ASAP.  (anne dot alt at gmail dot com)  Thanks!

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I would do this but I am participating in Le Tour de Shore. sorry



Sounds awesome but Im working Mod and Rockers this weekend! Have Fun!


We have hosts, so now we can plan some hospitality.  Click here for details.
Who's in?  Details here.
I'd like to thank Jennifer and Doug for being such amazing hosts tonight.  For those of you who weren't there, you missed the opportunity to chat with a wonderful group of young cyclists.  I really enjoyed meeting them and hearing a bit about their ride so far.

If anyone wants to follow the ride online, here are a couple of links. 

4K for Cancer organization page


Brian Keeley's 4K Facebook page



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