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Here's a vector image: (not a file, but a webpage).

Vector = infinite resolution. 

you might want to get ahold of Mike Keating ( before going ahead and doing that. Not sure if that's his own design or if it's free use.
I can rebuild it for you, based on the image there, as long as it's OK with the artist.  

carfreecommuter said:
I actually have been in touch with Mike over the last month and he couldn't find his original file or higher resolution image so I was curious if anyone had anything similar they had also made. I was quoted by one of the companies to digitally clean it up but was more than I wanted to pay. The highest resolution image online is the exact one that "da' Square Wheelman" posted which is sadly only 96 dpi and wouldn't look good blown up to a 3'x5' size. Guess this will have to wait for now.

Here's a link to a hi-res PDF.


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